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It really depends on your current situation.  We can buy your house very quickly or we can wait until the time is right for you.  Regardless of your time frame, our team will be with you from start to finish.  If you’d like to have a conversation about your specific situation, call us at 210-853-2446.

If you’re planning on giving us the opportunity to buy your home than you don’t need to waste money or time on expensive repairs.

If you’re going to sell to a cash buyer or investor, then you need to pay special attention to these 4 sections of the agreement: The name of the Buyer; the earnest money deposit; the option period; and who is paying the title fees and closing costs.

Don’t do a thing if you plan on calling us today. We buy properties every month and ask that the sellers don’t waste time or money on repairs or updates.

We pay all the standard closing costs and title insurance fees.

A clear title report ensures there are no liens placed against the prior owners or any documents that will restrict your use of the property.

Many Buyers will get a home inspection then ask you to do repairs or give them money for repairs.  Alamo City Housebuyer won’t get an inspection, won’t ask you to complete repairs, and won’t back out of buying your house.

The home furnishings are yours to take but we don’t require that you remove everything from the home. Take what is most important to you and we’ll handle the rest.